Ms. Kirsh's Class


August 22, 2016

Hello 2-K Families!

We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!  

Reminders for the Week:

*Please note our Back-to-School Night days and times: PK-3rd grade, 9/14 @ 6pm; 4th/5th grade, 9/15 @ 6pm.
*We will begin to post the full versions of the newsletter on the website, and the page will be password protected (Jaguars2016). It will reside under the drop-down "Calendar" menu at the top, and will be posted by Wednesday of each week. 
* Janney Fall Picnic is THIS Friday at 6 PM.  We hope to see you there!  
* You should have seen that your child's first homework packet came home this week.  Homework is due on Friday :) 

Learning this Week:

In Reading, students will begin jotting while reading.  In 2nd grade we push our students to realize that reading is not just about reading the words on the page, but also thinking.  Students jot their thinking to show other but to also remember for when they share with a partner.  This week we will focus on predictions, character's feelings, and giving a strong re-tell

In Writing, we will begin our Personal Narrative writing unit.  In this unit the students will write stories about their life.  In previous years it has been called a small moment (a story over a VERY short period of time).  In 2nd grade a personal narrative is a story about their life but over a bit longer time.  For example, my small moment could be about my husband's tooth brush falling into the toilet.  My personal narrative is about a busy morning this summer getting read to go to Cape Cod and so many things going wrong (toothbrush falling into the toilet, the car not starting, and a water leak.  This is the example I will share with the kids to show them the difference between a small moment vs. personal narrative.

In math, we are going to continue discussing strategies on how to "make 10" to add and subtract basic facts through 20 and equations with sums to 100.  Students are using number bonds to decompose numbers and quick draws (III......=36)

Have a wonderful week,

Brianna and Lucy 

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