Ms. Kirsh's Class


Important Information for Ms. Kirsh’s Class!


Our day begins at 8:35 AM on the Janney turf field. Please bring your child to our designated class spot. I look forward to seeing everyone there! During inclement weather, students report directly to their classroom.


Students are dismissed at 3:15 PM. I ask that you please allow the class to make their way to our dismissal spot before picking up your child. Our dismissal spot is the same sport where we meet for Jamboree. Your child will be required to give me a “High-Five” before leaving so I can make sure they are being released to an approved adult.

*Please make sure to send a note in your child’s “Homework Folder” or contact the main office for any pick-up changes at dismissal. You can also send me an email if it is before noon on the given day. Pick-up changes may include play-dates, etc.

Attendance and Tardiness

I look forward to seeing your child at 8:35 AM at Jamboree. Please notify me (as well as the main office) when an absence or early dismissal is anticipated. For unscheduled absences, you must notify the school on the day of the absence and send your child to school with a note when they return.

Students who arrive after 8:50 AM will be considered tardy and must sign into the tardy log in the main office. Please stop by the office (instead of coming to our classroom) if you are picking up your child early or dropping them off late.

Homework Folders

Yesterday, your child brought home their “Homework Folder”. This folder will be sent home every night (once homework begins, it will be distributed on Fridays and due the following Friday) and will have letters, homework, and other important information for your child to share with you. Please remember to check your child’s folder each night and help him/her remember to bring this folder to school every day. As part of their un-packing routine, they will put their folders in their mailbox, and during pack-up they will put it back in their backpack.

Take-Home-Tuesday Folders

Every Tuesday, your child will come home with a Take-Home-Tuesday envelope. This will be used to share important school and community information as well as additional classroom notes. Please review and sign the envelope next to the corresponding date and send it back with your child on Wednesday morning.

Weekly Newsletter

I will send a weekly Newsletter over email. Please be sure to look out of the Newsletter on Sunday or Monday for important information for the week and dates to look out for in the future.


This year your child will be having lunch at 11:50 and Recess at 12:20. You can send your child to school with a bagged lunch or sign up for school lunch. Make sure send your child to school with the proper weather attire throughout the year.

Snack and Water Bottles

Each day, our class will have a scheduled time for snack. Make sure to send your child to school with a light and healthy snack every day. Also, please note that Janney is a NUT-FREE school. Keep this in mind when you are preparing snack for your child.

Students are welcome to bring a water bottle to school. Please only send water bottles that students can easily refill, open, and close. They will be allowed to keep their water bottles at their tables or in their cubbies.


We will celebrate children’s birthdays once a month. During this time, we can celebrate the birthdays of the month with a special snack at the end of the school day. You can send/bring in cupcakes, juice, etc. Don’t forget napkins, cups, etc.! After receiving class information, I will compile a list of monthly birthdays to allow parents to coordinate the celebration (if interested).


I am grateful to anyone who would like to donate time and effort to helping out in the classroom. If you would like to spend time in the classroom during the school day, please contact me ahead of time so we can arrange a meaningful visit. There will also be additional opportunities for you to help with a special project/event and plan/chaperone field trips. I will include this information in my weekly newsletter and through email as they become available.

*If you are interested in being a room parent, please email me!

[email protected] *

Specialty Class Schedule @ 9:10 am

Monday: PE (wear sneakers)

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Performing Arts

Friday: Science

On Tuesdays we will have double specials. Their second specials class will be from 10:00-10:45. The first advisory, students will have Performing Arts as their 2nd special on Tuesdays.

Every other advisory we will switch from Science to Social Studies.

VIP Information  Information

Take the VIP out to lunch

Surprise the VIP and enjoy a lunch out! You will first come to the classroom to do the presentation (11:05-11:45) and then take your VIP out to lunch during out recess/lunch time (11:30-12:30).

Presentation and Activity

During this time, you can share with the class why your second grader is a very important person. The structure and format for this is entirely up to you. I have included some suggestions below.

Slideshow Presentation

The presentation can include pictures and information about the VIP. This can include family pictures, vacations, things they like to do, anything that gives us a glimpse of your child. iMovie or PowerPoint are excellent options on a USB drive or CD. I highly recommend passing along the presentation 3 days prior to ensure it will work on our SmartBoard.


A follow-up activity can include a word search, crossword puzzle, game (i.e. Jeopardy), bingo, etc. that are themed around your child. It can also be a favorite game, etc. they enjoy at home.